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A single brand cannot save the world. All you can do is choose to be part of the problem or of the solution.


Back to the Roots was born to be part of a change of direction towards the only viable path, that of sustainability. 

Our purpose?
Make garments for people like you, who want to wear their values and be part of the change.


Using the most environmentally friendly and highest quality materials available so that your clothes will be with you for a long time. Producing locally to reduce CO2 emissions and establishing a close relationship with our suppliers that allows us to personally control the quality of the garments and the working conditions in the workshops.


But due to the climatic, environmental and social emergency in which the planet finds itself, reducing the ecological footprint of our garments is not enough.

It is time to give back to nature what we have taken from it, time to have a positive and measurable impact on it to reverse the problem.


That’s why we plant two trees in your name in the Amazon for every item sold in partnership with the NGO One Tree Planted, helping to regenerate the lungs of our planet and providing a sustainable livelihood for local communities who live by and for the forest.

A single brand cannot save the world. It is the small actions of many people that create change.